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Dartscore 2005 V2.2.0

Coding & scripting:
Jeroen Reinink



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Dartscore 2005
Dartscore 2005 is a great score keeping system for whenever you're playing the game of darts. The program has several functions for keeping track of your scores when playing the traditional dartgames such as 301, 501 or 701 and even the dart-game: Cricket. It is also possible to adjust the points for your game to your own need.

Dartscore's interface presents a graphical dartboard for quick and accurate scorekeeping. For all variations, you simply click the areas of the board where darts have struck, optionally there is a input-field to fill in the points per dart by typing them into to input-field. Dartscore 2005 even has a possibility to hear the score, through inplemented voicerecognition software, so the program can be controlled with speech commands. Inputting score has never been so easy!

The program keeps track of each players turn, and indicates how many darts and how much points each player has left. Further, it supports "undo" when you've made a mistake. The program automatically detects when the game is over, and displays the statistics of the game or leg for each player.

Dartscore is supplemented with sound effects, the points-left can be spoken out by the computer, and the score can be spoken by a real Embassey reporter.

The players get a playerprofile that's saved into a database for statistics and history of the player's score. Because of this you get a total historical report of all your matches played, and you will be able to see if you are making progress. Statistics can be displayed at all times in the game.

Dartscore has the functionality to play in team-groups. The teams are fully customizable in name and players. There also is no limit in how many teams are playing.

From version 2.1.2 you also can play against an other player through LAN/Internet connection. Also, there's a new "Info-Bar", that displays the score of all players during the match.

Dartcore 2002
With earlier productions such as Dartscore 2002
and Dartscore 2002 Cricket Edition, I am well known with dart software, and know exactly what you need!

With Dartscore 2005 you have a handy and compre-hensive dart-scoringprogram for your home or pub-based dartboard.

Since 2011-09-15 is Dartscore 2005 donationware, so download your full version now, and if you like the software, make a donation!

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Dartscore 2005 licensing changed to Donationware!

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