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Dartscore 2005 V2.2.0

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Jeroen Reinink



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In 2002 the game darts was not as populair as it is now. When I played darts myself, I was tired of always keeping track of my score on paper, so I searched the internet for a proper solution. I did not find a program that had the features I wanted, and if I did found one, it was very expensive. From that moment on, I wanted to create my own dart-score solution that had the possibilities that I had in mind. I worked as many hours I could on the program, and finally the release of Dartscore 2002 was a fact. Because I did not yet had as many programming experience as now, the program had some bugs, but users of the program were enthusiastic about Dartscore 2002.

People all over the world sent me emails about things that could be improved, or things they liked about Dartscore 2002. I worked on the program and so updated versions of Dartscore 2002 arrived.
During the development of Dartscore 2002, I learned a new fun dart-game called: Cricket. I notited that there wasn't a proper score-keeping program for the game: Cricket, so I decided to make it myself. After a couple of months the new version of Dartscore 2002: Dartscore 2002 Cricket Edition was a fact.

After the Cricket Edition I didn't work on Dartscore at all, I was too busy with work and other things, until in 2005, I picked-up playing darts again. I also had some more experienced with programming, and I wanted to try-out the voice-recognition software from Microsoft. When I found out that Microsoft had a SDK for the Windows XP implemented voice-recognistion software, I wanted to try it out with Dartscore.

I completely made Dartscore 2005 from scratch in VB6, and used the MS voice recognition software in it, from that point I became more enthousiastic about Dartscore 2005, so I decided to make it public. I claimed the dartscore2005.nl and dartscore.com domains and made a website. Luckaly my nephew was trying to set-up a website-building company at that time, and he wanted to help me out building my website. He is now know as: T-Desings.nl (Dutch) and he also helped me with the design of the forms of Dartscore 2005, he also did the design for this site!

From that point Dartscore 2005 has become bigger and improved to what is is now, a complete dart-score manager!
I hope everyone that's using Dartscore 2005 is satisfied, and if you want to see improvements, or have ideas, please let me know!
Thank you for using Dartscore 2005!

Yours Sincerely,

Jeroen Reinink
Dartscore 2005

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Dartscore 2005 licensing changed to Donationware!

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