.:: Features ::.

- Visual dartboard
- Score-input field
- Voice recognition
- Supports X01 games
- Support for Cricket
- Score-/points boxes
- Throw-out bar
- Info-bar
- Undo button
- Play vs computer
- Play in teams
- Multiple players
- Player/team stats
- Chart diagram
- Player profiles
- Network support
- Great sound effects
- Dutch and English
- Free updates

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Visual dartboard for quick and accurate scorekeeping, just click on the part of the visual dartboard where the dart struck, the program automatically calculates the total score for you.

Score inputfield for quickly and easy score input per dart. You fill in the score per dart in the score-input field, and press the enter button or click the OK button, the program calculates the total score for you.

Voice recognition for hands-free scorekeeping. Speak the points of the points thrown into your microphone, and the program wil recognise the points. The program calculates the total score for you.

Supports all X01 games, Play all your favorite X01 games, or adjust the game points to your own game.

Support for the dart game: Cricket. Play the fun and educational dart game: Cricket, Dartscore will keep track of all your thrown points and scores.

Score-/points boxes, that displays the thrown points, scores and points left per player in a clear listbox during the leg.

Throw-out bar that displays the points to throw to win the leg/game. The bar displays what to throw best per dart.

Info-bar that displays the scores of all players during the match, from here you also can chat during a network gam.

Undo button to undo the score per dart if you excedentily filled-in the wrong score.

Play vs computer to practice your skilles. The computer has 3 difficulty levels: Easy, Normal and Hard.

Play in teams, make your own teams, and add players/computers to the self-made teams. The scores will be counted per team instead of per player. With X01 games, the individual statistics per player are still being tracked, and saved in the database for statistics.

Play with multiple players simutaniously, so you can play with more then the default 2 players at the time. There's no limit in the amount of players that are playing simutaniously.

Player/team statistics, all points thrown are tracked, and saved in the database for detailed statistics. After each leg, the statistics are shown, and players can see how they are doing during the game. The (realtime) statistics also can made visual during the game.
New in version 2.1.3. is the ability to compare player's statistics, and to sort the database listing.

Chart diagram in the statistics, for easy and clear tracking of how you are doing during/after the game.

Player profiles with history and statistics. Each thrown dart is tracked and saved in the Dartscore database for detailed statistics. You can check-out all played games and see if you have become a better player.

Network support from version 2.1, that allows you to play against an other player through LAN/Internet.

Great sound effects during the game of the thrown points, score left , click on visual dartboard, cricket game when a number is full, and when the game is won. All sounds used in Dartscore 2005 are .wav files and are fully adjustable.

Supports the languages: Dutch and English. During the game you can switch between the languages: Dutch and English, when adjusted to Dutch, the comment speaking will also be in Dutch.

Free software / Donationware!

.:: NEWS ::.

Dartscore 2005 licensing changed to Donationware!

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